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Leavenworth is located at the base of the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains, very near the geographical center of Washington State We are a popular destination because of our charming Bavarian theme in an Alps-like setting and year around family fun!.

With an exciting festival line-up which includes Christmas Lighting Festival, Leavenworth Oktoberfest, Mai-Fest, Leavenworth Alefest, Autumn Leaf Festival, there is something going on for the entire family.

In the winter, the summit of Stevens Pass is just 30 miles from town making downhill skiing a major winter activity in this area. With three separate trail systems for cross country skiing we acter to the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced XC skier. One of our trail systems even offers 24hr night lit XC skiing!

Leavenworth offers an array of it's own year-around fun such as rafting, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, snowmobiling and so much more.

The town's elevation is about 1,166 feet, with mountains rising 5,000-8,000 feet nearby. Leavenworth offers an abundance of activity and excitement for everyone. Whether you're an outdoor person or a person who enjoys The Arts, you'll find first-class entertainment in Leavenworth. You find first-class lodging and dining in our Bavarian Village.



Walking Your Dog in City Limits
Your dog must be on a leash at all times. No exceptions.

The City of Leavenworth also requires that you clean up after your pet in both summer and winter. Yes even in snow because children play in the snow.

Watering Bowls  (Summer)
Many business owners are good about putting out bowls of water for our visiting canine friends.

Leavenworth is a pet-friendly community!

There are a few eating establishments that have outdoor seating where your pet is allowed.

Lodging Tips
Many of the hotels in town are pet-friendly. Even a few of the cabins and chalet-style are. However you must declare your pets at the time you make your reservation. If you don't you risk being turned away at the time of check in. This is important as hotels will often designate particular rooms as pet-friendly to accommodate guests with allergies.

Leavenworth has extreme temperature in both summer and winter. Leaving your dog in the car is NEVER an option. Authorities are notified if animals are left in a car on very hot or cold days. Most lodging properties do not permit animals alone in their guest rooms. So plan your vacation time in Leavenworth with this in mind if you travel with a pet.

 Shopping Tips
Many shops do not allow dogs. They each have their own pet policy. 

 This Week in Leavenworth!
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 Nearby Communities

Leavenworth Parks

For information and schedule for the city parks in our area...   CLICK HERE



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