Blewett Pass


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The Blewett Pass Highway was once one of the most heavily-traveled passes in Washington. Although US Route 97 is now the only route to traverse this roadway, US 10 was once routed over Blewett to Wenatchee for the Columbia River crossing. Nowadays, US 10 no longer exists in the West and I-90 is routed southeast, leaving a sleepy route mostly frequented by RVs and outdoor enthusiasts. The landscape on the north side of the pass is quite alpine and very green with thick evergreen forests. The trees come up within a few feet of the roadway, creating a serious ‘hoofed rodent’ problem at twilight. These trees go right up to the top of the pass, before changing drastically as you come down the south side.


While there is a small residential area of Valley Hi, there are quite a few homes scattered along the highway and nestled in the trees along the highway leading up to Blewett Pass on both sides.


Ingalls Creek near Blewett Pass is a wonderful hike that covers 11 miles.




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