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Icicle Station & Amtrak's Empire Builder

Amtrak's Empire Builder

The photo was taken in Spring 2010 to give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive at Icicle Station.

There is no station building or phones. There is an information board, benches, a loading platform and a well-lit parking lot.

We would suggest you arrange for transportation to and from the station in advance. It is a walk-able distance of approx 2 miles however that would not be an easy walk with luggage or in the winter time.

Amtrak's Empire Builders Line began service in Leavenworth, WA on September 25, 2009 with it's inaugural run. Leavenworth, WA, your Bavarian Getaway is pleased to announce that we are once again a destination stop for the Empire Builder's route between Chicago, IL and Seattle, WA!

The addition of a Leavenworth station is the first in many years and more than 8 years of effort and partnership building have been diligently tended to by the City of Leavenworth, Amtrak, BNSF and funding agencies.

All aboard  experience the beauty of fall train travel through the Cascade Mountains!
Train Schedule  (Please verify all schedules. They are always subject to change)

 Amtrak Train No. 7: Departs 6:08 AM
Westbound to Seattle and all intermediate stations

Amtrak Train No. 8: Departs 8:00PM
Eastbound to Chicago and all intermediate stations

Train Status

Call (800) 872-7245  (1.800.USA.RAIL)


Ticket Purchase

Icicle Station is an un-staffed station and does not have a quik-trak machine at this time. Tickets can be purchased via a number of ways.

Reservations can be made via phone (1.800.872.7245) or the web and tickets can be mailed to you (however, it will be UPS or FedEx).

Reservations made within 3 days of departure date: Reservations must be made via phone (1.800.872.7245). When making the reservation, you must speak with an agent, and request your reservation number and your protect ID number. You will then pay your fare on the train�cash or credit card-Visa/MC accepted.

Amtrak is working on updating their on-line ticketing to facilitate web based ticketing.

Icicle Station Shuttle Service provided by Leavenworth Shuttle (877) 868-7720 or (509) 548-7433


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