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Leavenworth Fun Fact
The Tannenbaum Building was the first building to be remodeled to the Bavarian theme inside and out, plus a completely new roof and glockenspiel clock.


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Attention: Residents & Visitors
City of Leavenworth implements a Winter Parking Ban on all city streets between the hours of 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM November 15th through March 14th. The Winter Parking Ban is in effect regardless of snow conditions during this time frame. Enforcement may include ticketing and towing of vehicles left parked on any street which constitutes a danger or interferes with the city equipment in removing snow from the streets and/or alleys. This ban applies to all streets within the city limits, not just the downtown area.

Leavenworth Fun Fact
On May 8, 1971, Leavenworth hosted it's first Mai-Fest. Joy Hensen was the program chair person and reportedly some 2000 people attended. More than was expected.

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